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There’s more of a science to proper lawn care than you might think –

  • Is liquid or granular fertilizer best?
  • What are my lawn’s specific needs?
  • How important are seasons or local weather conditions?

These are all questions we know the answers to – partly because we have over 30 years’ experience in lawn care service, and partly because we are licensed and certified by the OISC (Office of the Indiana State Chemist) at Purdue University.

5-step Program



Our Process

Our Guarantee

Expert 5-Step Lawn Care Program

The Outdoor Solutions 5-Step Program is designed to feed your lawn and control your weeds.

We’ve combined scientific expertise with decades of experience to provide a well-balanced program to keep your lawn looking good and growing healthy.

The basic timeline for our 5-Step Program includes:

  1. Early Spring – Now is the time for a balanced feeding. It’s also the time to apply a crabgrass preventer.
  2. Late Spring – This is the best time to apply another balanced feeding, plus an application of broadleaf weed control.
  3. Summer – The warmest season of the year is the time for a granular fertilizer. We also spot treat with broadleaf weed control to take care of any stragglers.
  4. Fall – Time for another balanced feeding and application of broadleaf weed control (broadleaf weeds are very persistent).
  5. Winter – This is the time to give your lawn with a heavy granular feeding to prep it for hibernating in the cold months ahead.

Consistency is Key

When we begin the 5-Step Program treatments on your lawn, we keep your services scheduled on a regular basis. This will provide your lawn with consistency of year ’round balanced feeding, weed control, and any other treatments it may need to stay lush and healthy for the long term.

Our Process

  1. Price Quote – When you contact Outdoor Solutions, we’ll do an online measurement of your lawn and give you a firm price quote over the phone.
  2. Lawn Analysis – Then, at the time of your first scheduled service, one of our certified applicators will create a detailed lawn analysis with expert recommendations.
  3. Mail Invoice – We will leave the lawn analysis and a service invoice with a return mail envelope at your door, so you do not need to be home.

Our Guarantee

We believe in the effectiveness of our 5-Step Program so much that we offer a guarantee. Customers get free service calls and any needed re-treatments if we’re notified of a problem within 3 weeks of the last regular application. Note: If you are on our 5-Step Program, please be sure to follow our mowing and watering recommendations.

Your lawn’s overall response will depend on the condition of the yard when we begin treatments. Factors that affect lawn health and recovery include:

  • Soil type
  • Grass species
  • Available light
  • Proper mowing height and frequency
  • Adequate watering

Please allow a reasonable amount of time for results to show.

We guarantee a lawn with broadleaf weed and annual grass control, healthy lawn color (except under drought conditions), and surface feeding insect control. Have a beautiful well-fed and weed-free lawn without worrying – we’ll take care of everything.

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