Optional Lawn Care

Optional Treatments

We share our property with a variety of insects. Some of these are beneficial to the eco-system – others . . . not so much. In fact, they can be downright dangerous to the health and beauty of our lawns.

If your lawn has pests that are getting in the way of a healthy lawn, we can help.


Grub Worm Control

Perimeter Pest Control

Surface Insect Control

Grub Worm Control

Grub worms are not good for your lawn. In fact, they can do a lot of damage. Grub worms are the larvae of June Beetles, Masked Chafers, and Japanese Beetles. These tiny pests lay eggs in your ground soil in June. Within a few weeks those eggs hatch white grubs which love to feed on grass roots, effectively cutting the supply of water and nutrients to your turf. If you have an infestation, you’ll start to see patches of dead grass that will not recover by September. Treating these devastating insects at the right time can control a potential turf disaster.

We guarantee this service for all our customers who add the grub control option to their full-service program. Contact us today to schedule your Grub Worm Preventer Treatment!

Perimeter Pest Control

Want to control the population of spiders, ants, and centipedes around your home? Add the option of perimeter pest control treatments. With this added lawn service option, we can establish a 6- to 10-foot barrier around the perimeter and foundation of your home. This barrier helps deter these multi-legged pests from coming inside and setting up residence with you.

Outdoor Solutions offers three options for this optional lawn service treatment:

  1. Tri-annual – Spring, Summer, Fall
  2. Bi-annual – Spring, Fall
  3. As needed

Because this is an outdoor treatment, the application is outside of your home. No need to have someone hike through your living space with sprayers in hand. Contact us today to schedule a perimeter pest control treatment.

Surface Insect Control

Pests don’t have to be hiding under the roots or in dark corners to make life difficult. We provide an optional lawn service treatment to control surface insects like fleas. If your furry friends have brought home guests, we can help show them the door. Contact us today if you need surface insect control services.

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