Monrovia Lawn Care

The small, historic town of Monrovia, Indiana was recently the subject of a documentary film, and its Lake Ditch Bridge is plate girder bridge that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We take pride in serving the people of Monrovia with lawn service and pond care needs. Outdoor Solutions is also small – also local. We’ve been helping our neighbors for over 30 years with feed and weed lawn care service as well as weed and algae control for your ponds.

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The Outdoor Solutions 5-Step Program is designed to feed your lawn and control your weeds.

We’ve combined scientific expertise with decades of experience to provide a well-balanced program to keep your lawn looking good and growing healthy.

The basic timeline for our 5-Step Program includes:

  1. Early Spring – Now is the time for a balanced feeding. It’s also the time to apply a crabgrass preventer.
  2. Late Spring – This is the best time to apply another balanced feeding, plus an application of broadleaf weed control.
  3. Summer – The warmest season of the year is the time for a granular fertilizer. We also spot treat with broadleaf weed control to take care of any stragglers.
  4. Fall – Time for another balanced feeding and application of broadleaf weed control (broadleaf weeds are very persistent).
  5. Winter – This is the time to give your lawn with a heavy granular feeding to prep it for hibernating in the cold months ahead.