Stilesville Lawn Care

The National Road runs through Stylesville, Indiana, and so does community pride. This historic town of a few hundred people know their neighbors – and may see each other at the Cornerstone Roadhouse for lunch or dinner.

As a family owned and operated company, we understand the community spirit and want to be considered a helpful neighbor when you need lawn care services.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can keep your yard healthy and beautiful.

The Outdoor Solutions 5-Step Program is designed to feed your lawn and control your weeds.

We’ve combined scientific expertise with decades of experience to provide a well-balanced program to keep your lawn looking good and growing healthy.

The basic timeline for our 5-Step Program includes:

  1. Early Spring – Now is the time for a balanced feeding. It’s also the time to apply a crabgrass preventer.
  2. Late Spring – This is the best time to apply another balanced feeding, plus an application of broadleaf weed control.
  3. Summer – The warmest season of the year is the time for a granular fertilizer. We also spot treat with broadleaf weed control to take care of any stragglers.
  4. Fall – Time for another balanced feeding and application of broadleaf weed control (broadleaf weeds are very persistent).
  5. Winter – This is the time to give your lawn with a heavy granular feeding to prep it for hibernating in the cold months ahead.